Current Contact

Mario KÖPPEN, Dr. (Eng.) <mkoeppen at>
Professor, Network Design and Research Center
680-4, Kawazu, Iizuka, Fukuoka 820-8502 JAPAN
PHONE: +81 948 29 7945 / FAX: +81 948 29 7946

Other emails*

mkoyppen at pluto dot ai dot kyutech dot ac dot jp
sciency at mkoeppyn dot com
mario.koyppen at

*replace all 'y' by 'e'

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Next conferences COMPSAC 2014 (Vasteras, Sweden, July 2014), INCoS-2014 (Salerno, Italy, September 2014).

New edited book "Soft Computing in Industrial Applications", V. Snasel, P. Kroemer, M. Koeppen, G. Schaefer, Springer AISC 223, July 2013.